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Imagine a beautiful new laminate or engineered hardwood floor installed quickly and securely without the headache of old floor removal, adhesives, or nails. Click or lock flooring provides exactly that for any room in your home that needs a refreshed look. This new type of well-crafted flooring makes it possible to cover up unattractive or worn floors with its unique “click together” technology. You get a beautiful, secure, and long-lasting floor sooner than you think.

Materials for Click/Lock Flooring

The majority of click flooring is fashioned from engineered or laminate wood. The multi-layered construction of this type of quality floor material makes it possible to create the unique locking tabs on each end. These interlocking profiles give this option its name. The boards click together securely for tight seams and extra sturdiness.

Laminate flooring uses realistic printing to overlay less expensive wood boards for an attractive finish in a wide variety of styles, colors, and designs. Engineered hardwood layers different materials together including manufactured composites for added strength and durability. The latter material looks more like natural hardwood than the former but both give an amazing option for different rooms in the home.

Enjoy the Benefits of Speedy Installation

No matter what material you choose for the click or lock flooring, you can enjoy fast and easy installation. First of all, it may be possible to keep your old floor down instead of removing everything like you would have to do with other installation projects. This is only possible in some cases and cannot occur if the old floor has water damage, uneven surfaces, and some other problems.

Secondly, the click or lock construction process offers a much higher level of simplicity over traditional boards or tiles that require adhesive, staples, nails, or glue. When installed properly, click flooring lays flat and stays in place for many years to come. Imagine a new wood floor in your living room within just a few days. Picture a smooth laminate floor improving the appearance and value of your kitchen without a lengthy installation process.

For those homeowners who want a quicker and more affordable solution for attractive and durable floor renovation throughout their house, click or lock flooring offers a great option.

The Click Flooring Process for Your Home

As with every project here at Click-It Floors, we start with an in-depth conversation about your goals, tastes, and dreams. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will help you decide between laminate or engineered wood or explore other options beyond click or lock flooring if applicable. We offer a wide selection of finishes can suit your tastes and overall decor.

Once we schedule your project, you do not have to worry about anything else. Simply enjoy on time, on budget, and on point installation of your lock or click flooring in your kitchen, baths, front hall, living room, bedrooms, or anywhere you want to make a big difference in the look and feel of your home.

What to Expect From a Bathroom or Kitchen Remodel

We make the process of remodeling your bathroom or kitchen a breeze. Here are the steps you’ll go through if you make the smart decision to choose Click It Flooring for your project.

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Come to the Showroom

After you approve our design and are ready to move forward, you’ll pay a visit to our showroom and pick out all your materials.

Allow Your Project to Begin

As soon as your materials have come in, our contractors will arrive at your home and work their magic.

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