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Do your concrete floors need repairing? Maybe you’ve noticed that your concrete is cracking, unlevel, or even sinking. Unlevel or sinking floors can pose a threat to your safety and the integrity of your home. Fortunately, Click It Flooring can help remedy this with our concrete leveling services. With the assistance of our experienced team, you can rest assured that your floors will be safe to use for years to come.

When Do You Need Concrete Leveling?

Even though it's a highly durable material, concrete can become unlevel over time. This is often due to shifting soil or sub-surface water infiltration underneath your concrete. Unlevel or sinking floors cause a multitude of problems for homeowners. Not only are they an unattractive safety hazard, but they cause structural issues and destroy your home's foundation.

You may need concrete leveling if you notice any of the following:

  • Uneven or sinking floors
  • Misaligned concrete slabs
  • Cracked or buckled walls
  • Cracked or buckled doors
  • Warped floors
  • Water damage
  • Cracked concrete
  • Divots or uneven spots on your floors

How Concrete Leveling Works

Concrete leveling is a process of repairing unlevel concrete by either pumping or spreading a leveling agent. At Click It Flooring we use a self-leveling concrete mixture. This is a flooring substance that functions like concrete but is made from polymer-modified cement. Our expert concrete levelers mix the compound, pour it onto your floor, and spread it with a gauge rake. Unlike traditional concrete, it only takes a couple of hours to dry!

Everett Concrete Leveling Company

Concrete leveling is a great option for budget or time-conscious homeowners, as it eliminates the need for us to rip out your existing flooring. When we level your concrete you can witness a transformation in just 1-6 hours, with no construction necessary. The results? A smooth, flat, and attractive floor that looks brand new! Additionally, due to our leveling compound's impressive strength, you can expect your new concrete flooring to last for years in your Everett home.

We provide concrete leveling services for the following areas:

  • Concrete floor leveling
  • Garage floor leveling
  • Patio leveling
  • Driveway leveling

At Click It Flooring can install self-leveling concrete over the top of many types of existing flooring, such as laminate or LVP. We can also use it as a base layer before installing your flooring to ensure that the ground is level. Lastly, it can also act as its own standalone flooring material, resembling the look and feel of traditional concrete.

Benefits of Concrete Leveling

Installing new concrete flooring is time-consuming, troublesome, and expensive. Tearing out existing floors is not an option for many homeowners with a limited budget or schedule. Instead, consider concrete leveling services from Click It Flooring.

Several advantages of concrete leveling include the following:

  • Price: Re-leveling concrete costs 50-70% less than concrete replacement. Save money and restore your floors with our leveling services.
  • Minimal downtime: Concrete leveling only takes a couple of hours as compared to concrete replacement, which is a multi-day process. Not only does concrete leveling take less time to apply and dry, but it is much less disruptive to your lifestyle.
  • Efficiency: While it boasts a cheaper price tag, concrete leveling is still highly effective and can last up to ten years.
  • Increased property value & curb appeal: Leveling your floors makes your home more attractive and increases your property value.

Best Concrete Levelers in Everett

When it comes to leveling concrete, the Click It team has you covered. We take pride in having an easy and efficient concrete leveling process that lets you enjoy your new floors as soon as possible. Not to mention, our contractors have the experience and technique to install your new concrete free of error. Put your trust in us, and expect your floors to look better than before!

Concrete Leveling Near Me

Interest in leveling your concrete? We are proud to offer the best self-leveling concrete services for residents in Everett and surrounding areas. If you are ready to get started on your project contact Click It at (425) 344-6887 or fill out our online form. We can’t wait to work with you!

Concrete Leveling and Repair Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Used For Concrete Leveling?

To repair cracked, sinking, or unlevel concrete, we use a self-leveling concrete mixture made from polymer-modified cement.

How Long Does Concrete Leveling Take?

Depending on the size of your floor, our self-leveling concrete can take anywhere from 1-6 hours to fully dry.

How Does Self-leveling Concrete Work?

We mix our self-leveling compound with water and spread it with a gauge rake. Your new layer of concrete will be dry and ready for use after only a few hours. Due to its strength, self-leveling concrete fills in cracks and levels uneven flooring.

How Long Does Concrete Leveling Last?

While it depends on many factors such as maintenance, climate, and your home’s foundation, concrete leveling can last up to ten years.

What Are The Benefits of Using Self-Leveling Concrete?

With self-leveling concrete, you can enjoy a durable, east-to-maintain flooring solution that protects the structural integrity of your home. It creates a highly stable, level surface that is not only waterproof but hypoallergenic. Best of all, it is quick and easy to install in your Everett home.

What Causes Unlevel Concrete?

Many factors can cause concrete to sink such as bad installation, extreme weather damage, tree roots, subsurface water, soil movement, and poor drainage.

Where Can I Find Concrete Leveling & Repair Near Me?

If you are looking for concrete leveling near me, contact Click It Flooring. We provide high-quality concrete leveling and repair services for homeowners in Everett and surrounding areas. Contact us at (425) 344-6887 or fill out our online contact form.

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