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Everett’s Best Hardwood Refinishers

Click it Flooring has provided Everett and the surrounding neighborhoods with hardwood refinishing services for decades. Whether you are selling a home, or just recently bought a home and need to bring it back to life prior to moving in, we have you covered.

When To Refinish Hardwood Floors?

From time to time your Everett hardwood floors will need to be refinished or have some maintenance conducted to ensure they last for decades. There are many reasons why one would want to refinish their hardwood floors:

  • Lots of scratches from high traffic, pets, children
  • Changing color from the sun or high traffic 
  • Stains from chemicals or spills 
  • Black boards stains from minor water damage

Everett Hardwood Refinishing

Hardwood floors are built to last the test of time, but every so often they need to be refinished. Everett homeowners can expect to have their hardwood floors last decades if installed and treated properly. Click it Flooring has installed and refinished many hardwood floors in many of Everetts neighborhoods. Our refinishing process has been structured to be as efficient as possible as we don’t want to delay your life anymore than we have to.

Everett’s Top Hardwood Refinisher

Click it Flooring has created a standard that keeps Everett homeowners coming back for more services. We have an extremely high level of customer service and want to ensure that you and your floors are well taken care of throughout our refinishing process. Hardwood refinishing is a relatively simple process but moving furniture and disrupting schedules is the tricky part. Communication is key throughout this process so rest assured we will keep you updated and walk with your hand in hand throughout the refinishing procedure.

Custom Hardwood Refinishers

Click it flooring provides all the materials to refinish your hardwood floors the way you want! Our Everett showroom has a large selection of stains to choose from and can mix stains to match colors in your home or help accentuate a custom design theme. We can be as dynamic and intricate as you want, or we can keep cost in mind and be as efficient and economical as needed. You decide. Click it Flooring has been refinishing hardwood floors for decades and will continue to provide great customer service to the local Everett community.

What to Expect From a Bathroom or Kitchen Remodel

We make the process of remodeling your bathroom or kitchen a breeze. Here are the steps you’ll go through if you make the smart decision to choose Click It Flooring for your project.

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Schedule an Estimate

Let us know you’re interested in a bathroom or kitchen remodel and we’ll come to your home and get a better idea of what you’re looking for.

Wait for a Design

We’ll come up with a unique design that’s perfect for you and your family and send it to you for review.

Come to the Showroom

After you approve our design and are ready to move forward, you’ll pay a visit to our showroom and pick out all your materials.

Allow Your Project to Begin

As soon as your materials have come in, our contractors will arrive at your home and work their magic.

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